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If you are new to Homeopathy 


if Homeopathy has not worked 

for you earlier, 

please walk in to our clinic 


call us for a 

complimentary introductory consultation.

Treatment Charges


Our treatment charges include consultation and medications. Since medications given to each patient are different we charge based on what each patient is prescribed. Average cost for a months medicine and consultation is around six to seven hundred rupees.


Dr. Karagada Sandeep BHMS, DIACH

Dr. Sandeep is a third generation Homeopath and it was an easy decision to choose his career path. 

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Today he is among the few practicing Classical Homeopathic practioners in Bangalore. He received BHMS degree (Bachelors in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery) from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore, and is also a Diplomate from International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, Greece.


Additionally he has learnt NLP and practices different forms of Psychotherapy with patients when required.


Dr. Sandeep is also a consultant at Information and Resource Centre, for Autism and other Developmental Disabilities, Basavanagudi, Bangalore.

Dr. Preeti Tavarkhed BHMS. DCS, DIACH

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Dr. Preeti has had extensive first hand clinical experience in Classical Homeopathy, having begun her practice working with the best Homeopathic Doctors in Bangalore.

She graduated with BHMS (Bachelors in homeopathic Medicine and Surgery) from RGUHS, Bangalore. She is also a Diplomate from the Internation Academy of Classical Homeopathy, Greece.


Her skills as a certified counselor aid her work as a Homeopathic Practioner as patients are able to connect with her warm personality.


Her passion towards Homeopathy is unmatched, and she has also been involved in a project regarding Homeopathic role in Dentistry.


Dr. Preeti also consults at Parimala Free Clinic in Jayanagar, Bangalore.


Our charges are more than fifty percent less than what multi-chain Homeopathy clinics charge.


We medicate for around 07 days for acute complaints and for around 20-30 days for chronic complaints, and not packages lasting for months or years. As a patient you have the freedom to discontinue the treatment anytime you choose if you find it is not helping you. 


Counselling and psychotherapy charges are for each session.