Dr. Preeti Tavarkhed and Dr. Karagada Sandeep homeopathy Doctors in Bangalore, offering treatment of homeopathy for children and adults. 

Our practise of Classical Homeopathy aims at boosting the immunity alongside the treatment of your complaint.


The treatment approach addresses the root cause of your disease and corrects it for long term benefits.   


The purpose of our homeopathic treatment is to acheive health for the long term such that you are not dependent on daily medications.



Browse through our website and if your questions on homeopathy or how homeopathy can help you is unanswered feel free to call, or mail us regarding the same.

Why choose us? 


 -No Annual Packages. Medications are dispensed for a period of 7-30 days at a consultation. If treatment is not satisfactory there is nothing to stop you from going to another clinic. 

-Family doctors. Consult with the same doctor on every visit, and not a new face.

-Transparency of treatment. We are among the few homeopathy clinics where patients know what medications they are on. We also share, on request, the complete case history with the patient.

-Charges. We use the best available medicines including German medications, and yet fees are less than 50% of what multi chain clinics charge. 

....Anyone who comes here for Homeopathic consultation is assured of the safest treatment, a speedy recovery

 and a complete cure with a holistic approach.  S. Kulkarni, IT Consultant, Padmanabhanagar, Bangalore.

Family Health

Family Health


We have been treating both children and adults alike since the begining of our practice.

Homeopathy being safer and holistic is ideal through pregnancy, birth, childhood illnesses, disorders in men and women, and in old age.


Classical Homeopathy

Is the practise of Homeopathy which uses minimal amount of medication. While following this practise all symptoms and discomforts experienced by the patient including emotional and physical health are considered, so as to treat the person and not the 'symptom'.

A single medication is thus prescribed, and not different medications for different symptoms.


The quantity of the medication is also kept to a minimum so as to not overwhelm the bodies healing capacity, but enough to stimulate it to start the healing process, for lasting betterment of health.

This practise is tedious, and requires skill and patience and hence not practised by most Homeopaths.

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 Child Health


The care a child receives for immunity sets the pace for their health for their entire lives.

Homeopathy makes sure they have a joyous and healthy childhood.

Homeopathy is able to provide quick relief during complaints of Fever, Cough, Colds, & also Tonsillitis, Asthma, and Allergies.

Homeopathy is also effective in Behavior disorders including ADHD. 

Women Care

Homeopathic treatment brings about fast recovery in women with Hormonal imbalance. Homeopathy can be safely taken with good results for complaints of Menstrual-periods, PMS, Acne, Thyroid disorders.

Dr. Preeti has had a good success rate with gynaecological cases such as Fibroids, and Cysts and her treatment has helped avoid surgery in many cases.

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Homeopathic medicines help in nurturing the skin. Our Homeopathic treatment of skin does not rely on ointments or lotions.

After an analysis of what might be causing the complaint, the medication given aims at correcting the cause. This approach has proven beneficial for Acne-pimples, Eczema, Psoriasis, Pigmentations, Urticaria, Dermatitis etc.

Psychology and Homeopathy

With judicious use of Classical Homeopathy we have seen our patients overcome grief, fears, anger issues, anxiety- panic attacks, OCD among other psychological complaints.

A majority of our patients are employed in the IT sector, and face stress on a daily basis. With Homeopathy we have also helped our patients to minimise the impact of stress in their lives with respects to their health.  

Dr. Sandeep is also trained as a therapist and uses different approachs with Homeopathic medications, as way to move forward with certain challenges and situations one is facing in life. Dr. Sandeep also conducts individual sessions and group seminars for stopping smoking. 

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About Us


Dr. Karagada Sandeep is a third generation Homeopathic practioner. He employs the deep action of Homeopathic medications for lasting benefits in health, and would like to tell you that Homeopathy can work wonders on the physical body as well with emotional and mental disturbances.


Dr. Preeti Tavarkhed is also a certified counselor. She has had extensive first hand clinical experience in Classical Homeopathy. Her passion towards Homeopathy is unmatched. She has a wam personality which patients find easy to connect with.


Both the doctors graduated from Rajiv Gandhi University, Bangalore and also hold Diplomas from

International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, Greece.

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Consultations at

Our clinic is located at No.1612, Jayanagar 9th Block, East End Main Road, and we work on appointments. You can use the Google map posted or ask us for directions. Clinic hours are from 11am to 01pm and 05pm to 08:00pm on all days, with clinic being closed on Wednesdays, and on Sunday evenings.


Dr. Preeti also consults at a charitable clinic - Parimala Clinic at 4th T Block. Dr. Sandeep also consults at Basavangudi at Information and Resource Centre, for Autism and other Developmental Disabilities, Basavangudi.

Ask the Doctor


Dr. Karagada Sandeep 98458 02103

Dr. Preeti Tavarkhed 98808 53404




Online Consultations


Our services are also available for patients located out of Bangalore. Through consultation over the phone, e-mail, and with video chat we are able to reach our patients in India and the rest of the world, however these mediums of communication limit the kind of conditions we can treat online. Please e-mail us at doctor@centreofhomeopathy.com with details of your health condition to know more.

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