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Our intention for our patients is to help them achieve Health in the most harmless and in shortest possible duration. Not every case we treat is successful, the number of these cases is low as we do not take cases where we feel Homeopathy may not be the ideal option. Majority of our patients report imporvement of their complaint with betterment of overall health for the long term, you will find below testimonials of some of our patients who benefitted with Homeopathy.


Disclaimer: All testimonials are genuine and untouched, except for grammatical corrections where required.

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Repeated Throat Infections 


When I first visited the clinic I was very cordially addressed to. I felt very comfortable and knew the cure for my problm had already begun.I was asked some simple questions like 'How did it start?, What foods make you feel better?, What are my likes and dislikes etc'. After a case taking of about ten minutes I was given one dose of a medicine. The doctors clearly explained what are the things I must avoid and how the treatment would follow in case the problem recurs. This kind of individual focus and care given with good assurance is greatly appreciable.


The most interesting thing I liked here is that one dose of a single medicine was very effective. It is the concept of Classical Homeopathy being practiced in its true sense. One dose, one medicine given to me in its smallest quantity cured me holistically. It was not just a cure for the ailment I came for, but a cure for my complete self. Isnt it amazing?


Anyone who comes here for Homeopathic consultation is assured of the safest treatment, a speedy recovery and a complete cure with a hoilstic approach.


S. Kulkarni, age 24 years, IT consultant

Padmanabhanagar, Bangalore, April 2010

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Treatment of Tumor with Classical Homeopathy

I am Mrs. Padma from Bangalore. I had severe stomach pain since two years.

One day I was forced to go to the nursing home and had a scanning done. The report showed a mass, namely tumoor in POD (Pouch of Douglas). The doctor advised to operate it and remove the mass.

I happened to meet Dr. Preeti who treated me for this rpoblem mirculously. She gave me the nest medicine and after six months I repeated the scan the report came normal. I appreciated Dr. Preetis effort and the medicine she gave me.

After I started taking medicine from Dr. Preeti my immune system also improved. Other problems i had, like pain in chest also got solved, and also I had sever giddiness, she gave me the best medicine.

I am completely alright with God's grace and Dr. Preeti medicine. She is the best doctor and she listens very well to each and every patient very very carefully and her fees are also very nominal.

I want to thank Dr. Preeti for her best treatment. IN one and a half years I alright from all my problems.

Thanks and regards,

Padma, Housewife,

Bangalore, January 2012

Like with Mrs. Padma we have been able to help aoid surgery in many patients , especially with cases of Cysts, Fibroids, Tonsillitis, and Hemorrhoids (Piles). However not all cases which require surgery are treatable with oral medications. You're health care provider will be able to guide you.

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Menstrual Complaints


I first enrolled for treatment with Dr. Sandeep sometime in February '11 with some gynaecological issues which had been bothering me since childhood, and many a treatment later had not been solved, and I had lost all hope of the same ever getting mitigated. And today looking back I am so glad I took the step, as within two months my problems had mitigated by around fifty percent.

Soon after I started Dr. Sandeep with other regular diseases and stuff also, and now even though long distance he is my full time doctor !! The best part about him is the holistic approach he takes to treating a patient, involving not only the disease at hand, but the entire family history, the physical and mental well being of the patient, behavioral patterns and changes, and other external factors, in short the patient and his surroundings as a whole. Thank you Dr. Sandeep for such a wonderful miracle.

A. Saha, aged 23, Lawyer,

Kolkatta, April 2011



I went to Swaram Clinic (as our clinic used to be known earlier) with the problem of Hypothyrodism. I liked their approach to resolve my abnormality.


Frankly speaking I've never gone through such a long conversation with any doctor. Though the treatment took a bit long, today I am happy and satisfied with the result.


This treatment has given me a new life and made me feel far younger than my age. Before taking the treatment I used to be sleepy and lethargic, today my enthusiam level has gone up, I feel energetic throughout the day. The best example is it made me run, and I can glady say I ran for five kilometers and very soon I am going to run 10k too. I find it hard to believe, but YES, it has happened to me. I am off eltroxin now.'It's better late than never'.


P. Rao, age 32 years, Housewife

Banashankari, Bangalore, May 2010


Her experience is a testimonial to Classical Homeopathy. Out treatment focusses not only on the symptom but at the betterment of the whole body and mind. Mrs. P. Rao did complete the 10k and continues to be off eltroxin and Homeopathic medication with Thyroid hormone levels having remained in the normal range consistently for the past 03 years.

Recurrent throat infections

I had a problem of sore throat and had been on anti-biotics regularly at leat 4-5 times a year for the past 25 years. Lately the problem aggravated and I was required to take higher dose and some times repeat the course for more than a week.


Fortunately I found Dr. Sandeep who was able to diagnose my case and I ahve not taken anti-biotics for the last 9 months. Though I still get 4-5 bouts yearly, the severity is lesser. I have been advised that since my case is chronic it may require another 3-6 months to root out the problem which I dont mind waiting considering my past 25 years of suffering.


I recommend all my friends and relatives to them.


S. Pai,aged 59 years, Retired Banker,

Padmanabhanagar, Bangalore, June 2010


Mr. Pai came to us also with complaints of bleeding hemorrhoids. Since this testimonial was written his frequency of complaints- both sore throat and hemorrhoids have reduced drastically. When we ask our patients to wait for the treatment to be complete we do not medicate them for that period of few months to see how the body responds without any medicinal support.

Hemorrhoids- Piles


I have been taking Homeopathic medications from Dr. Preeti from 10th May 2011 for piles and acidity complaints. I used the medicines prescribed by doctor for a period of six months and found my condition much improved.


At the end of six months I was told to stop all medications, even Homeopathic medicines, I reluctantly followed their advice and continued with Yoga exercises that they recommended.


Now a month after stopping all medicines I am still much better.


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Thanks to the doctor and Homeopathy. 


Thanks and regard.


Mr. Krishnan, aged 34 years, Sales

JP Nagar, Bangalore,